Perun is an application which consits of several interconnected components. Core part of the Perun is used for managing users, virtual organizations (projects), groups, facilities and resources. Additional components use information managed by core part of the Perun and adds additional functionality. Detailed view on the Perun is available here

Source code

Perun is available on GitHub: https://github.com/CESNET/perun

Key features

  • Virtual organization management
  • User management
  • Group management
  • Resource management
  • Service management
  • Customizable for your use-cases

Additional features

  • User identities consolidation
    • Web application where users can connect their new identities with the existing ones on their own. Identities can be issued by federated identity providers, social media sites, certification authorities (personal certificates) or local systems (kerberos, LDAP,...).
  • Notifications
    • Customizable notifications triggered by any successful action made in Perun.
  • LDAP
    • Perun provides LDAP interface for selected data about users/VOs/groups.
  • Auditing
    • Every successful operation is audited containing who/when and what has been done.
  • Publication management
    • Users can manually or automatically put theirs publications into evidence.
  • Attribute Authority
    • Build in attribute authority revealing selected data about the users (including group and VO membership).
  • Sychronization of users with external system
    • Automatically synchronize users/groups from external systems using SQL/LDAP/CSV/VOMS/... interfaces.
  • Statistics

Use cases and success stories

For more verbose examples of what Perun can do please visit sections:

Deling with particular problems